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Ramstein, Germany 2003

I graduated from UOP in June 2001, passed the California Licensure Exam, spent three years in the US Army in Germany and now I'm back in the California working. All good things must come to an end. I had a great time in the military traveling and doing dentistry. Goo luck in your dental endeavors

Dental School

Dental school is much more than just pulling teeth and doing root canals. As a dentist you can perform research at the National Institute of Health, treat patients, get involved with policy making, perform dental forensics or even teach at a University. After completing your four years (3 at UOP) at dental school you can opt to practice or receive additional training in the following areas: orthodontics (teeth straightening),endodontics (root canals), prosthodontics (crowns and major mouth reconstrcution), pediatric dentistry, oral pathology (diseases of the head and neck), public health, radiology or oral maxifacial surgery (extractions, jaw resections). To become a dentist you need to have completed required science courses (Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry), scored reasonably well on the DAT (19 or above is a decent score),have good grades (above 3.4) and have strong recommendations from professors/employer. On this site you can find additional information to help you learn more about dentistry and the admission process.

Dentistry in the Future

According to the ADA there will be a need for dentists in the years to come (check the ADA site if you want the statistics), especially in rural areas and places outside big citites. The ADA cites the average dental salary to be 120,000 and even higher for specialists. Although dentistry can be lucrative, the profession is not a "sure thing". However if you are a good technician and have a great personality you will probably be very successful in this field.

In the News and Tips from MIke

  • For dentists, hygienists and dental assistants looking for work give Konny Mecham (GEMINI STAFFING -BAY Area in California) a call at 925-513-7069 or cell at 925-978-3221. She's a great lady that could help you find temporary work! Tell her I said hello.
  • The Dentalschoolcafe has been deleted and re=started as the dentalcafe
  • I finally bought my own practice in San Leandro, CA. It's been a year and one half already and things are well. You know that a healthy practice is about 1200 patients.
  • Don't waste your money on those guides on how to get into Dental School. I'll try to provide as much information as possible for FREE!!!!
  • Simply put there is no magic bullet that will get you aceptance to dental school. Good DAT scores, grades and careful planning will enhance your chances. Don't waste you time buying those dental book when you can get the info. free here!
  • Never give up. I know someone who tried to get in four time to UOP and finally made it the fifth time! HE improved his application each time.
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