Cusp ridge

Distal longer than mesial



Mesial: junct. On incisal & mid 3rd.

Distal contact: mid 3rd.

Mesial: Incisal 3rd.

Distal: junct. Incisal and mid 3rd.

Proximal outlne

Mesial: broadly convex, flat in cerv. 3rd.

Distal: shallow "s". convex in cerv. 3rd.



Long as Max central


Root length

3.5 mm lnoger than Max central

Shorter than maxillary, lacks curvature.

Root Curavature

Distally in apical 3rd.

Slight distal




Labial Ridge


Slight Mesial to ridge is flat in incisal 3rd. Distal to ridge is even more flteened in incisal 3rd.

Lingual ridge

Yes. More prominent than mesial and distal marginal ridges



Yes. Centered M.D.

Lower and less prominent. May be slightly distal.

Lingual View

Both crown and root more narrow

Same as max

Marginal ridges

Distal more pronounced. Shorter than mesial

Slight. Appears smoothe. Distal more prominent than lingual and mesial.

Buccal Cusp Tip

Yes. Centered M.D.

Centered. Mesial cusp slope shorter then distal

Height of contour

Labial: cerv. 3rd.

Labial: More cervial than max., still in cervical 3rd.


Mesial: dips incisally 2 mm

Mesial: curves more incisally then max.

Root Depressions

Both mesial and distal. Distal more pronounced

Same as max.

Crown (from occlusal)

Greater distal w/ marked labial convexity. Distal flat/concave.

Mesial is rounded.

More symmetrical than max. Mesial of rounded and distal flat/concave like max.


3. Middle prominent.


Incisal aspect


Thinner than max. Wedge shaped. *Crown twisted on incisal edge to distal.

Incisal ridge

Labial to long axis of root

Lingual to long axis of root

Side notes:

Mesial cusp ridge shorter

No mamelons

Only teeth w/ labial ridge

Greater labiolingually than M.D.

Distal contact more cervical than mesial

Wedge shape proximally

Last teeth lost to disease