Crowns "D Level" Softball

Crowns Slowpitch Softball

2008 Crown Statistics

Meet the CROWNS

  1. Albert Lee
  2. Alex Lee
  3. Aaron Degroat
  4. Bob Degroat
  5. Reyanldo
  6. Mike Lee
  7. Russ Lee
  8. John Nodohara
  9. Tommy Cheung
  10. Lance Cabral
  11. Rob Brown
  12. Anthony Gomes
  13. Albert Jr.

Historical Crown Statistics

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The Crowns are a diverse menís slowpitch softball team in San Leandro, CA, After may years of separation the old players have reunited and look to dominate San Leandro as they did in the 80's and 90's in Oakland, Hayward, Berkeley and Albany. New players this year include Todd form Saipan and Todd from Death Row.

team picture

Picture of our team in 2006.


  • Crowns fall to the Goon Squad 11-10. Pretty good for not practicing in 8 months. Mike and Russ both had 3 hits and BIG Rey had 2 doubles. Albert Lee also had a splendid day going 3 for 3.
  • The Crowns welocme new player Todd (from Death Row) and Patrick (form the Saipan Allstars)
  • Aaron Degroat is still a holdout and has not been seen.

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