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Wiesbaden Dental Clinic

Wiesbaden Dental Clinic

Wiesbaden dental clinic

The Wiesbaden Dental Clinic is co-located with the Medical Clinic on the Wiesbaden Airfield. The clinic is located in the center of the garrison, has 14 chairs and serves a community of approximately of 15,000 people, which includes the 1st AD and 3rd COSCOM.

Officer in charge

Besides having five general dentists, WDC also has one orthodontist (teeth straightening), one pedodontist (children’s dentist) and one comprehensive general dentist. Complex procedures in endodontics (root canals), prosthodontics (crowns and dentures), oral surgery (extractions and jaw resections) and periodontics (gum surgery) are referred to army specialist clinics. The hours of the clinic are as follows:

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