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Wiesbaden Dental Command

Wiesbaden Dental Command

Wiesbaden Dental Command Clinics in Germany

Meet the People of WDC

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    Commander LTC Carter



    Come visit the Wiesbaden Dental Command Forum. A place where you can discuss dentistry, ask questions, leave messages or even comment on our web site. Let everyone know your thoughts!

  • Welcome to WDC in Germany

    Welcome to the Wiesbaden Dental Command, headquartered on the Airfield in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden, Germany. WDC is comprised of three dental clinics: Wiesbaden, Dexheim and Wackernheim, all of which are under the command of LTC Derrick Carter (pictured below). Our goal in creating this homepage is to provide information about our clinics and services, and to give you an opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes. We have created a WDC Forum for discussions on any topic related to Army Dentistry and a guestbook for you to make generalized comments. Thanks for visiting WDC and enjoy your tour!

    Mission Statement and Command Philosophy


    The Command Center at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic

    The primary mission of the Wiesbaden Dental Command is to ensure the dental readiness and health for all soldiers within our area of responsibility. A soldier population with a sustained high level of dental health, maximizing all available resources, permits other patient categories optimal access to care.

    The Dental Corps continues to be a dynamic service. It has undergone many changes in the last few years. Most of those changes have placed new demands on all personnel within the dental services. Whatever the challenges, we must remember, readiness comes first. Not dental readiness, but total readiness. A lifetime commitment to being the best in all life has to offer. The best health care provider, soldier, spouse, parent, student or any other category you may find yourself labeled.

    We must strive to set the standard for all dental services. The U.S. Army Dental Corps stands second to none in providing quality dental care. Our goal is to be the quintessence dental service for the best.

    Remember, exhibit the highest level of professionalism. Each patient deserves our best. The staff expects our best. No single component can be greater than the whole entity. Any individual that becomes a divisive force will be dealt with in a decisive manner. Let us stay focused on the mission of taking care of patients. Working as a team reaps untold benefits.

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