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Wiesbaden Dental Command: Clinic Profiles
WDC Enlisted Soldiers


Rank: SFC
Hometown:Foxboro, MA

Information: SFC Cranston is the Senior NCO in charge of the WDCC. He is set to retire very soon. He plans to move to Ohio and continue rooting for the New England Patriots.
Name:Paul Orozco
Rank: SSG
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Education: Army

Information: SSG Orozco is the NCOIC at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing on the post softball team. He is PCSing very soon and looks forward to the sunny skies of Arizona.
Name:Michael Cole
Rank: SGT
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Information: SGT Cole is a hygienist at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic. He enjoys weightlifting, cycling, tennis and "scouting" (you have to ask him what this is). SGT Cole is half Vietmanese and can speak some of his mother's native tongue.
Name:Edmond Woods
Rank: SGT
Hometown: Boston, MA

Information: SGT Woods is the Assistant NCOIC at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic. In his spare time he enjoys coaching basketball, baseball and working out.
Name:Darryl Washington
Rank: SGT
Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Education:College Degree

Information: SGT Washington is the training NCO at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic Command. Prior to joining the Army he worked for an Offshore Oil Rig Company in the Gulf of Mexico. Outside of work he enjoys basketball, baseball and football. Currently he is the highest PT scorer in WDC (over 300).
Name: Naressa McFarlane
Rank: SPC
Hometown: St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Education:Brooklyn College

Information: SPC McFarlane is the Supply NCO person at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic. She enjoys running, reading and traveling the world. In the near future SPC McFarlane will be a first time mom!
Name:Nicole Smith
Rank: SPC
Hometown: Kerrville, TX

Information: SPC Smith joined the Army in 1999 and was trained as a dental assistant at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas. She currently is the lead Lab Technician at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic, which also supports Wackernheim and Dexheim. In her spare time, SPC Smith enjoys spending time with her family and riding horses. BR>
Name: Jeffery Carroll
Hometown: Owingst, MD
Education:Liberty University (in progress)

Information:SPC Carroll is a dental assistant at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic. In his spare time he is pursuing a bachelors dgree at Liberty Uiversity. He enjoys movies, computer games and spending time with his girlfriend. Eventually he would like to pursue an acting career in New york or Los Angeles.
Name: Melissa Mansfield
Rank: SPC
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Education:Mount Saint Mary's (in progress)

Information: SPC Mansfield is a dental assistant at Wackernheim Dental Clinic. She enjoys clubbing, gambling, traveling and working out at the gym.
Name: Marcos Canales
Rank: SPC
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Information: SPC Canales is a dental assistant at Dexheim Dental Clinic. He enjoys fixing and driving his 2001 Dodge Dakota. SPC Cannales loves to play pool and is known as the "Pool Shark" at various pool halls.
Name: Jason Arnold
Rank: SGT
Hometown:Lompoc, CA
Education:CTC, Troy State (in progress)

Information: SGT Arnold just arrived in Germany and will be the new NCOIC at Wackernheim Dental CLinic. He enjoys raquetball, softball and competitive golf.

Name: Glenn Anderson
Hometown: Aurora, CO

Information:SGT Anderson is the NCOIC and hygienist at Dexheim Dental Clinic. He's married with one child and enjoys weight lifting and riding motorcycles.
Name: Jonathan McCleary
Rank: PFC
Hometown:Tacoma, WA
Education:University of Maryland (in progress)

Information: PFC McCleary is a dental assistant at Dexheim Dental CLinic. He's single, with no children, and is attending college in pursuit of a degree. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to enjoy basketball, running, football, weight lifting, movies and shopping.

Name: Rebekah Arnold
Hometown:Daytona, FL

Information:SPC Arnold just arrived in Germany and will be working at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic. She enjoys spending time with her family, computers and playing the piano.

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