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Wiesbaden Dental Command: Clinic Profiles
WDC Dentists


Name:Derrick Carter
Rank: LTC
Hometown:Detroit, MI
Education:UT Houston Health Science Center

Information:LTC Carter completed his 2-year comprehensive dentistry program in 1994 at Fort Hood, TX. He has since served as the 2ID Division Dental Surgeon (Korea), Officer in Charge at Fort McPherson and now is the Commander of the Wiesbaden Dental Command.
Name:Naomi Horowitz
Rank: LTC
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Education: Loyola University

Information: Dr. Horowitz is the officer in charge at Wiesbaden Dental Clinic and a board certified comprehensive dentist. Prior to joining the Army she practiced for four years in Los Angeles where she met her husband, a renown trumpet player. In her free time she enjoys snorkeling, swimming, cross country skiing, reading and traveling. Dr. Horowitz is also the inventor of the "Smoothie", an instrument she has patented for composite manipulation.
Name:Jim Glad
Rank: MAJ
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Education:Univeristy of Illinois

Information: Dr. Glad is the officer in charge at the Wackernheim Dental Clinic. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife.
Name:Matt Ballinger
Rank: CAPT
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Education:University of Maryland

Information: Dr. Ballinger completed aa AEGD Residency at Landstuhl and has been in Germany ever since. He is one of two dentists working at the Dexheim Dental Clinic. Dr. Ballinger was recently married to his dental school sweetheart. In his spare time he enjoys running long distances, skiing and competitive tennis
Name:Mark Wieczorek
Rank: CAPT
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Education:Temple University

Information: Dr. Wizz completed an AEGD Residency at Fort Carson, followed by a one year tour in Korea. He eventually ended up in Germany for a three year tour and extended for an additional year so he could run with the bulls in Pamplona this summer. During his spare time he loves to ski, travel Europe and dream about the May arrival of his M3.
Name: Mike Lee
Rank: CAPT
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Education:University of Pacific

Information: Dr. Lee is a recent honor grad from UOP in San Francisco, CA and the newest addition to WDC. He enjoys judo (he holds a first degree black belt), competitive softball and surfing the internet/desgining web pages. He hopes to travel most of Europe before his tour in Germany is completed.
Name:Steve Jastrzembski
Rank: Civilian
Hometown: Vandergrift, PA
Education:University of Missouri

Information: Dr. Jay procured his BS and DDS from the University of Pittsburgh and later specialized in pedodontics at the University of Missouri through the U.S. Army. He enjoys weightlifting and watching professional football. In fact Dr. Jay played with the likes of Mike Ditka and Fred Cox at Pitt. He was drafted in round #18 by an NFL team but turned it down to pursue a dental career. At 60+ Dr. Jay can dead lift over 400 pounds!
Name: Glenn Casey
Rank: Civilian
Hometown: Missouri
Education:University of Missouri - KC

Information:Dr. Casey, father of three, is a retired Army COL and orthodontist at the Wiesbaden Dental Command. Prior to coming to WDC, Dr. Casey spent 24 years active duty and 6 years reserve all over the United States, Germany and Vietnam. He obtained a Master's in Oral Biology and even was a high school teacher during his early years. When not engaged with orthodontics he enjoys hunting and gardening.
Name: Vesna Vasovic
Rank: Civilian
Hometown: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Education:University of Belgrade

Information: Dr. Vasovic had spent over 22 years working for the U.S. Army as a dentist. She has traveled to most countries in Europe and has an interest in different cultures. Besides spending time with her son she enjoys the theater, reading, art galleries and swimming. Dr. Vasovic is multilingual, speaking three languages: English, German and Srbocroation.
Name: Ernest Morelli
Rank: Civilian
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Education:New Jersey College of Medicine

Information: Dr. Morelli took early retirement from the Air Force as a LTC and is now a contract dentist. He enjoys traveling and walking. He take great pride in being in the 5 miler club in the Air Force during his prime. Eventually he plans to retire and walk the beautiful beaches of Florida.
Name: Janine Randazzo
Rank: Civilian
Hometown:Valley Stream, NY
Education:Tufts University

Information: Dr. Randazzo completed a one year AEGD residency at Fort Benning and served two years in the Army at Fort Bragg (6 months of which in Saudi Arabia) prior to coming to Germany as a contract dentist. She enjoys skiing, reading, riding horses and traveling. Perhaps someday she will rejoin her friends in the Army?

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Rank: Empty
Hometown: Empty


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