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Military Physical

I walked in to a room with 7 other men (the women went to a separate corridor for their examinations). We were told to strip down to our underwear and wait. After weight and measurements were taken we all lined up and were asked to perform numerous exercises as the doctor meticulously took notes. If he noticed something wrong with you he called your name, “Johnson, step forward”. He jotted down some notes and asked you to step back in line, as everyone prepared for the next exercise. This went on and on until 30 - 45 minutes later we were done. All paper work was taken to the Chief Medical Officer who gave waivers to those people that needed them. Overall I felt like a piece of cattle.

Military Advice

    A friend of mine who was in the military (an officer), rated each branch as follows
  1. Air Force - more civilian like, bases all over, they offer fewer scholarships, most competitive.
  2. Army - more militaristic, bases everywhere, they offer the most scholarships.
  3. Navy - junior officers are likely to be stationed on a ship, they do have land bases.

I heard from a military health professions recruiter that the Navy and Air Force have fewer scholarships for expensive schools and more for less expensive schools (it makes sense). The Army however does not discriminate between the two (however I really doubt this) as told to me.

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