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Alex Lee and Albert Lee

These set of twins are the spirit of Duckee. Alex, our coach, is the starting catcher and has been known to play a little infield, except shortstop. His improvement since starting the team has been admirable. A once .300 hitter, Alex now bats at .500, most of his hits being singles. He has exceptional patience at the plate and is always willing to take a base on balls for the team. Albert, Alex’s twin brother has the heart of a lion and plays a mean 1B. Don’t get him mad because if you do, he’ll tear out your heart. Lately Albert has been struggling at the plate, but we all know that he will pull out this slump soon.

Jack and Rich Lee

These two brothers are nothing alike. Jack, who plays C/PH and Rich, who plays 2B/3B (5’8, 160 lbs.) are the table setters for Duckee. Both have gotten big hits in crucial situations and are invaluable to our team. Jack’s still single and is actively looking for someone special.

Aaron and Bob Degroat

After serving in the United States Army, Bob has rejoined his old pals in the game of softball. Bob has had little opportunity to play due to our solid line-up. However when someone is hurt or sick he fills like any journeyman should. In contrast, Bob’s brother, Aaron Degroat, who played semi-pro baseball, is a seasoned player who can belt the ball with velocity to any field he desires. Although Aaron is quite imposing at 6’2, 225 lbs., he is strictly a gap hitter. On defense Aaron has an excellent glove and rocket arm. Both of these guys are single and would love to meet that special person.

Tommy Cheung

Born and raised in Alameda, CA, Tommy joined Duckee two years ago and has proved to be a big time player. Besides his occasional 300 foot blasts, he is a slick fielding shortstop with a very strong arm. Tommy is always upbeat and has earned the tag as “most inspirational”.

Matt Fong

Matt is a quick lead-off, outfielder who always seems to jump start our team. Although he is small in stature, he is BIG at the plate. He is an excellent hitter and can spray the ball to any field. Don’t cheat up on him otherwise he will knock the ball over your head (285 feet over your head to be exact. Hopefully, through rigorous weight training Matt will soon be able to knock the ball over the fence (300 feet).

Rob Brown

At 37, Rob pitches with conviction. He has excellent control and is a solid defender. He is very capable of playing all positions in the infield but don’t even think about putting him in the OF. On offense, Rob loves to swing at high pitches and smash balls up the middle.

Lance Cabral

Lance, “Mr. Hustle”, is a heady player that goes at 110% on every play. He is a solid RF and can spray the ball on offense.

Mike and Russ Lee

These two brothers are major players on the team. Russ Lee, an ex-star shortstop at Oakland High, is one of most versatile players on the team. He is an excellent fielder and has a “Will Clark-like swing”. Although small in stature at 5’8, 160 pounds he can occasionally launch balls over 300 feet. Mike on the other hand, is a one dimensional fielder. Although he can play a little 1B and pitch, his best spot is in the OF, where he can utilize his 4.6 speed and rocket arm. At 6’0, 180 pounds, Mike knocks balls over the fence easily and has been known to hit 2-3 homers per game.

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