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The Higher Asian Standard

Asians have been known to excel in academics and on standardized tests. Last time I checked, as a racial group, their MCAT subscores are higher than all other groups, except verbal and I would expect this to be the same on the DAT. So why am I telling you this? Well, like it or not you (assuming you are Asian) will be compared to other Asians, which could mean bad news even if you have a score of 18-19 and a 3.4 average. Just take a look at the statistics of schools with high grades and DAT scores for their accepted class:

What do theese schools have in common? Lots of Asian students! Get the picture. So if you scores less than 19 and your GPA is low (2.7 to 3.1) you better start thinking Middle America. Although these schools accept few out of state applicants , their standards are much lower than the schools on the coast (excluding Boston U.) and hence you could be accepted. Itís your choice on where to apply but donít be surprised if you get rejected form UCSF or UCLA even though you have scored a 20.

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